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About SIBI

Savannah Institute for Business and Informatics (SIBI) is a research and consultancy organisation with its core competencies being the design and development of computing systems that address real-world societal concerns. The problems that SIBI addresses have their empirical basis in our communities, and we work with stakeholders to identify solutions that work for them.

We know aligning computing solutions to business need is an arduous task, and few posses this skill. In this light, SIBI provides hands-on, skills-based workshops in the areas of problem analysis and system specification, the programming of applications for mobile held devices, web systems development, and penetration testing of web and networked systems.

Welcome to SIBI!

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As an organisation, we pride ourselves in the competence of our staff evidenced by delivered projects in domains such as Education, Healthcare, and Transport. We believe that there are many ambitious budding entrepreneurs out there who can take up the challenge of adding to their skillset as a means of expanding and deepening their competitive edge. We invite you, especially the youth, and particularly, those groups under-represented in the technology arena, women, to take up our practical-led, project-driven workshops. We have no doubt that you will cut your entrepreneurial niche in ways unimaginable!

Our advisory panel comprises eminent professionals who are passionate about harnessing technology for the social and community good.

Advisory Panel Profile


Our services span a number of areas, all of which can be categorised either as consultancy or research.


Consultancy services provided include:

  • Curriculum review and development for other institutions.
  • Cybersecurity and penetration testing
  • Software development, including mobile and web applications development.
  • Hands-on workshops in areas of computer security and software development.
We have worked on a number of national and international projects in all these areas.


We carry out applied research in the areas of software systems specification and development, and informatics for healthcare, especially medication errors and public health. Within software engineering, we investigate noble ways to support validation of customer expectations (requirements) in-expensively using visual models. In healthcare informatics, we are investigating a means to alleviate medication errors arising from prescription mistakes. Recently, we have delved into considerations of ways to use technology, informed by empirical evidence, to provide accessible means of minimising fatalities involving motorcycle accidents. SIBI has exploited knowledge about the use of e-infrastructures and open science to build solutions that address the scourge of fatalities from road accidents.

Approved Learning Programs

School of Business

The main programmes offered here span Marketing, Marketing Management, and professional courses on QuickBooks for Accountants. The Business School works closely with the School of Informatics on the entrepreneurship programme that cross-cuts both schools. The essence of SIBI programmes is that learners are able to use the skills and knowledge gained to create jobs

School of Informatics

The school of informatics offers the following programmes:

  • Certificate in Software Development
  • Diploma in Software Development
  • Microsoft Digital Literacy

The certificate in software engineering has modules such as mobile applications I, Web Authoring, Foundations of Software Engineering. The learner gains rigorous skills in web and mobile development, as well as object oriented programming. There are 6 modules in total to complete the certificate. This prepares the learner for the diploma in software development, which includes courses such as advanced software engineering, and data structures and algorithms. These two programmes equip the learner with practical skills and the confidence to build non-trivial software systems.


Here are some of our projects

Lost & Found Docs Center

We have worked with Lanet Teachers Training College to deliver a spin-out project for the college. The project is a mobile and web application for reporting and claiming lost and found credentials. The application is a complete suite with M-Pesa integration for customers to pay for a courier service for their documents to be sent to them, and short-code to make direct inquiries about their documents. SIBI has also worked with Large Europe-based institutions to build solutions that address public health concerns, with case studies in Kenya.

Public Health Gateway

We have worked with Brunel University London, the University of Catania, Italy, on a European commission funded project that has supported our idea of addressing fatalities involving motorcycle accidents in Kenya. We have built a public health gateway to act as dissemination platform for physicians, and monitoring and warning system for motorcycle riders. We organised a dissemination workshop in Nairobi, Kenya, and a preview of the worth of this work can be viewed here.

Other SIBI projects include:

  • Working with secondary schools to promote the uptake of computer science within the curriculum via rigorous and hands-on workshops.
  • Organising Entrepreneurs conventions for education-oriented and other interested parties in Africa and the UK to share experiences and challenges.
  • We are passionate and enthusiastic about problem solving, advancing positive course and using our skills in useful ways.

What people say

Mr. Lawrence Karani
Mr. Lawrence Karani

These are true professionals, and have excellent know-how and skills. They are trust-worthy team who truly exceeded my expectations

Hon. Aaron Mutegi
Hon. Aaron Mutegi

We have only positive things to say. From the initial contact, to submitting our visa application, and most important, our activities in the UK, everything went according to plan. This is a a highly professional team, that is forthright and knows what they are doing. Thank you!”

Ivan Xu
Ivan Xu

I am a PhD student at Oxford University, UK. My area of focus is machine learning. I meet Dr. Kanyaru regularly, myself and another colleague who studying BSc in Physics. Dr. Kanyaru is giving us tutorials in C++ programming, and we are extremely pleased with his approach and friendship.

Ben Thuku
Erastus Muchiri

I joined SIBI after finishingmy KCSE in 2015. At SIBI, I got to learn about the Foundations of Software Engineering and Mobile Applications Development. This palyed a very important role as a background in my studies as I am now studying Computer Science at Kenyatta University

Our Team

Meet our core team at SIBI

Mr. Dennis Muoki

Dennis Muoki

I am code-blooded and passionate about solving existing problems in the world by leveraging the power in technology. My major interests are in cloud computing, mobile and web development. I am also much excited by high performance computing infra and computational models

Mr. Charles Njaramba

Charles Njaramba

I go by the nickname crackthecode (I enjoy cracking the code to make the world a better place). I am a software developer and a security researcher (i.e., an Ethical Hacker) and I believe in building things via technology for a better world.

Mr. Eric Kimathi

Eric Kimathi

I am a tech enthusiast, community organizer and a digital marketing strategist with experience in the current marketing tools. I also have huge focus in IoT and web apps development. My key focus on the tech space, outreach activities and tech development.

Mr. Duncan Odhiambo

Duncan Odhiambo

A passionate programmer with skills and experience in mobile and web technologies. He is currently focusing on building enterprise resource planning systems using modern web technologies


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